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Twin Valley raiders


Website Instructions for Coaches


Here are the 7 steps to get you up and running in no time!

  1. Login

  2. Add schedules

  3. Add a roster

  4. Add coaches

  5. Customize Your Team Page

  6. Setup Alerts

  7. Download the admin app

1. Login

To log in to your BigTeams website, scroll to the top of your home page, and click Login.

For Team Website Administrators that are granted access to multiple teams, they will be prompted to select a team to edit. For Team Website Administrators that are granted to access to only one team, they will be taken directly to the Season Management Headquarters.

2. Add schedules

The available functions on your schedule page will vary depending on your scheduling program. Below are instructions for adding an event for a user of the BigTeams scheduler. If you use another scheduler or would like to learn about all of your schedule editing abilities, click here.

Within your Season Management Headquarters, click Schedules, Game Summaries, & Scores.


Under Add a Game, enter the following information:

  • Date

  • Start Time

  • Game Type

  • Opponent/Tournament

    • When entering your opponent start typing the name of the opponent and select the correct opponent name from drop down menu  When you select your opponent from that list a green box will appear around your opponent's name.  That green box means the following features are enabled:

      • Score Sharing

      • Schedule Sharing

      • Automatic reminders to opposing schools

      • Mapping 

  • Home/Away

  • Venue

  • Bus Type (Optional)

When you have entered all of the necessary information click Add Game. Your new event will appear under Update the Schedule.

3. Add a Roster 

There are several ways to add players to your roster, some depending on your scheduling program. Below are instructions for manually entering one player at a time. If you wish to learn more about importing an entire roster, please click here.

In your Season Management Headquarters, click on Roster.

Under Add a Player to the Roster, enter your player's name. Player number, position, year, height, and weight are all optional, but great information to include! Once you're done, click Add Player.

4. Add Coaches

Coaches can be added two ways, and the routes vary depending on if the coach is a new or existing coach. Below are the instructions for adding a new (does not have a BigTeams account and has not been listed as a coach before) coach. If you'd like to learn about adding an existing coach, please click here.

Within your Season Management Headquarters, click Coaches and click Add a Coach in the top right.

If your coach does not have an Administrator account for your BigTeams website, click Create a New Coach Entry.

Fill out the required fields, add an optional photo, and click Submit.

If you receive an error that says "The first name [___], last name [___], email [___] you have provided closely matches an existing entry. Please click your 'Back' button and recheck your entry; this coach might already existing in the system.", please click here for the instructions on adding an existing coach.

5. Customize Your Team Page

There are several ways to customize your team page, such adding a team photo, creating custom pages, and connecting Twitter. To view more tutorials on all of the ways to customize your team page, please click here.

6. Setup Alerts

Before you send out any alerts, be sure that you have notified your athletes and fans to sign up for alerts! If you'd like to invite them, you can send an email invitation through your BigTeams admin area. To view the instructions on inviting a fan, please click here.

Once you have a fan base, you can begin sending them alerts. Email and text alerts can be triggered from the following pages:

  • Game Summaries
  • News
  • Headlines

?The process for sending alerts is generally the same, below are instructions for sending out an alert from the News for the Team page. If you'd like to read more about sending alerts from a game summary or headline, please click here.

Within your Season Management Headquarters, click News for the Team, and then click Add Team News.

To send as an email alert, click Yes for Send as email blast.

To send as a text alert, be sure to click Yes for Send as SMS blast. You must add a shortened version of the headline in the new field.

To post to other teams, click Yes. This will allow you to send to other teams that you have been assigned to. If you've opted for an email and/or text alert, the other teams will also receive the alerts.

Once you're finished adding to the post, be sure to click Submit.

7. Download the admin app

*Android Users: Use the admin app by going to your login screen on your smartphone.  Simply save this as a favorite in your browser by following these instructions.

Within Safari, enter into the URL field and click Go.

Once your admin page loads, click the Send To    icon at the bottom of your screen.

Then click Add to Home Screen.

On the next page, enter a name for the new app, and click Add.
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